The Start of Something New

Welcome and thank you for checking out my blog!
My name is Marilyn (as if you haven’t realized by now) and I am a Health and Wellness major at the SUNY College at Buffalo. I will be graduating May 2015 (woohoo!) and hopefully moving to the west coast soon after.
Within the past few years, I have made slow changes to “health-ify” my lifestyle. Recently, I was convinced by a friend to go vegan. With her support, and motivation from watching a few heartbreaking documentaries, I cut out meat and dairy altogether.
What worried me the most after my transition was explaining to my family that I had given up meat. I grew up eating a LOT of meat, and they were shocked to hear my decision. I know I’m not the only one who has been, or currently is, in this position, which is why I decided to start a blog.
I plan on sharing…
  • how I transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle
  • what I learned after becoming plant-based
  • how my friends and family reacted and how I responded
  • what I eat on a daily basis and what I eat socially
  • and much more!
Feel free to leave comments or contact me at!

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