You’re a . . . ."Vegan?" Part 2

I wasn’t sure how to break the news to my family. I knew for a fact my dad would think I’m crazy for giving up meat; the same with my grandparents. Every family meal we had usually involved some sort of meat or fish – chicken, steak, salmon…

I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my parents and brother one night. Then, I spilled the beans. By this point I had already been vegan for a few months. As I recall, here are a few of his responses:

“Meat is good for you. You need it.”

“Not all animals are treated that way.”

“I think going vegan is a bad idea.” (nutrient wise*)

His responses were not surprising at all; I was actually expecting them. My mother didn’t really understand what I meant, and my brother agreed with my dad.

It has almost been 1 year since I’ve been plant-based and my mom 100% complies with my lifestyle. Every time I’m home she makes sure not to put beef flavoring or fish sauce into her Korean dishes (if we are sharing). My dad is finally understanding that I do not eat meat anymore. As for my brother, he still nags me about it.


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