"Congratulations on Your Acceptance…"

I had applied to two different Naturopathic schools. My first choice was the Natural College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. I was 100% positive I would get in. Turns out I was wrong and NCNM rejected me. After receiving this letter I had doubts of getting into medical school. I felt like I hadn’t worked hard enough, and the last two years felt like a waste because my pre-requisite grades were not as competitive as I would have liked them to be. Despite this, I still chose to apply to Bastyr University…and I am so glad I did.

Initially, I thought I was given the “silent rejection” because I still had not heard back from Bastyr a couple months after I submitted my application. As a graduation present my mom took me to California, and on the last full day there I decided to check my e-mail and found an e-mail from Alison the Associate Director of Admissions and Student Services at Bastyr. The message was a week old (since I rarely checked my e-mail at the time) and I was asked to come for an interview. I was ECSTATIC!

Once I got back to New York I had to plan another trip back to California for my interview. My friend ended up coming with me and we stayed in San Diego for the night before the interview, then took the train to San Clemente where we stayed for the remainder of our week-long trip. I had never ventured south of Los Angeles so this was my first time and I loved it! Everything about San Clemente was beautiful. We also used Uber for the first time to get around and we had a very pleasant experience with it.

A couple weeks after the interview I was accepted into Bastyr University! More so, Bastyr Universtiy California is the only accredited school for Naturopathic medicine in the state of California. I knew this was the school of my dreams when I first discovered it, and now I can cross ‘moving to California’ off from my list of life goals. Four years of hard work has finally paid off. Now on to another four years of late nights and endless studying.

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