Bastyr Orientation – Day 2

Today went by a little slower than yesterday in my opinion. I’m kind of starting to feel more comfortable coming to campus, and I will admit I am still a little quiet when it comes to engaging in conversations with my peers. Hopefully that will change soon. Here’s the agenda for today’s orientation:
  • 10:00AM – Welcome from the Bastyr University president Dr. Mac Powell (he really only talked for roughly 10 minutes).
  • 10:30AM – Principles of Naturopathic Medicine (we were broken up into 6 teams and had to do a little skit for the naturopathic principle we were given – my group had “First do no harm”).
  • 11:30AM – Time Capsule Activity (everyone brought a small item that represented their journey to naturopathic medical school, gave a brief talk on why they chose that item, and placed it in the “time capsule box”).
  • 12:30PM – Lunch break.
  • 1:45PM – Time Capsule Activity (cont.)
  • 2:30PM – Integrated Curriculum Roadmap (overview of classes we will take and clinic observations/shifts we will perform over the next 4 years).
  • 3:00PM – Medical School Health 101 (recognizing stress and how to deal with stressful living).
Seriously though, after hearing from some of the students and faculty about the coursework I’m slightly freaking out. I have been hearing that the first year is very vigorous…I will definitely need to work on my study techniques because these are courses I would not want to fall behind in!
On a brighter note, I can’t wait for tomorrow and I am SO excited to be receiving my white coat!

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