Bastyr Orientation – Day 3 and White Coat Ceremony

Yesterday was the FINAL day of orientation. Honestly, I’m a little happy that it’s over…but I know I’ll be wishing I was back in orientation the day actual classes start (which is this coming Monday). Here’s the schedule for yesterday’s orientation:

  • 9:00AM – Student Services Information (basically they told us not to cheat or plagiarize or else we will have to face the harsh consequences…).
  • 10:00AM – Bastyr University Clinic (we were told a list of equipment, e.g. stethoscope, that we will need to buy for winter quarter).
  • 11:00AM – Research at BUC (Dr. Dominguez discussed research opportunities for students).
  • 11:30AM – Ethics, Professionalism, and Academic Honesty
  • 12:30PM – Lunch break
  • 1:30PM – Library orientation (the librarian came and talked about the online resources we can use under the library tab on MyBU).
  • 2:00PM – Gross Anatomy Lab Orientation (Dr. Lin didn’t talk for long but he just went over basic lab safety rules and what we will need to buy e.g. scrubs, lab coat, respirator, closed-toe shoes…).
  • 2:30PM – MyBU and Moodle Introduction (basically a little talk on how to use MyBU e-learning).
We ended at 3:00PM and were given an hour break before the White Coat Ceremony began at 4:00PM. The White Coat Ceremony opened with a quick meditation, speeches from the Vice Provost and Associate Dean, and then the cloaking of the coat began. There was also supposed to be a pinning but I guess only 30 pins came for 60 students, so we will be receiving our pins later.
After the ceremony there was a potluck for students, family and friends, but I decided to go home. I was completely exhausted! Unfortunately, my family wasn’t able to come from New York for the ceremony, but I know they’ll be here for my graduation in 4 years.

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