Bastyr Week 1 Re-Cap

“A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”   
– Max Planck

I have successfully completed my first week of medical school (woohoo!). This week was really an eye-opener to how much studying I will need to do in such a short amount of time. Honestly though, I’m not really too worried. I’ve decided to take a different approach to studying in med school compared to the study method I used as an undergraduate (which I will probably make a post about later on if it’s successful). Here’s an overview of this week:

    • (8:00AM) Fundamentals of Research Design – went over basic research design terminology and concepts.
    • (1:00PM) Clinical Skills Lab – went over some terminology (e.g. dorsal/ventral, superior/inferior…) and practiced palpating which was fun.
    • (8:00AM) Integrated Structure and Function (ISF) lecture – this was medical biochem. Honestly it was a review for me because I had just taken biochem during the summer.
    • (10:00AM) Integrated Musculoskeletal System (IMS) lecture – this was anatomy lecture. We went over planes, joints, nervous system (CNS and PNS)…
    • (1:00PM) Naturopathic Theory and Practice 1 (NTP1) – NTP is basically a philosophy class. I guess we will be learning about the history of naturopathy and having discussions.
    • (2:00PM) NTP1 Lab – a continuation of NTP lecture. We had two assignments to complete before next week – “Giving Yourself an A” letter and we had to create a Vision Statement for ourselves.
    • (8:00AM) ISF Lab – aka Histology lab. We looked at 4 different slides. ISF lab and IMS lab alternate weeks (thank god because that would suck to have both labs plus gross anatomy in the same week). So next week I will have IMS aka Physiology lab at 8:00AM instead.
    • (10:00AM) ISF lecture – continuation of biochem lecture from Tuesday. We also did our first group activity quizzes. These count as our participation for the class. Only 4 or 5 questions…not bad!
    • (8:00AM) ISF lecture – continuation of biochem lecture from Wednesday.
    • (9:00AM) IMS lecture – continuation of anatomy lecture from Tuesday.
    • (1:00PM) Integrated Case Studies 1 (ICS1) – we ended up getting out an hour early because all we did was a course introduction and took an EIP preview test.
    • (3:00PM) Gross Anatomy Lab – Thankfully we didn’t do any dissecting today. It was just a basic overview of what to expect, what not to do or wear, and safety precautions. Then we practiced putting the scalpel blade on the handle and taking it back off to dispose. The bodies were in metal containers and locked away. Even though we didn’t dissect today I still wore my scrubs!
On Wednesday night my friend and I decided last minute to go study at the La Jolla Shores. I caught a glimpse of the sunset right before it got dark, which was beautiful! Seriously though the weather was perfect for studying and it was very relaxing.
On Thursday after my morning classes I went to the beach again solo. I was surprised to see so many people there at 10 in the morning! The parking lot was full and luckily I found a parking spot on a nearby street. I only stayed for an hour and a half. I just went over lecture notes from earlier that morning and sunbathed. Besides my ventures to the beach and classes, nothing exciting really happened. Next week (the 28th) is the official start date for upper classmen so it will be interesting to see everyone on campus.

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