Bastyr Week 2 Re-Cap

The second week of classes flew by! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing…my first exam is this coming Tuesday (for Anatomy) so my weekend basically consists of eating, sleeping, and studying (and the occasional break or two for gym and other assignments). To anyone who thinks naturopathic medical school is quacky or “not real” med school – please, just walk in my shoes for one week and attend my classes. You will quickly change your mind. Here’s an overview of this week:

    • (8:00AM) Fundamentals of Research Design – went over different kinds of research study designs.
    • (10:00AM) Constitutional Assessment – this is our first clinical medicine class! Went over what constitutional medicine was. Fun fact – your large intestine and lungs are linked.
    • (1:00PM) Clinical Skills Lab – performed hip and pelvis palpations.
    • (8:00AM) Integrated Structure and Function (ISF) lecture – went over the cell and organelles.
    • (10:00AM) Integrated Musculoskeletal System (IMS) lecture – went over lower limbs in anatomy (pelvic girdle, hip bones, femur…)
    • (1:00PM) Naturopathic Theory and Practice 1 (NTP1) – given a little history lesson on the “founding fathers” of natural medicine.
    • (2:00PM) NTP1 Lab – discussed “Giving Yourself an A” article along with other readings (that I totally forgot to read to be honest…). We also partnered up for a project where we focus on how we want to better our health. I have decided to hike at least once a week for the rest of the quarter!
    • (8:00AM) ISF Lab – (Physiology lab) went over membrane potentials and different channels (ligand-gated channel, voltage-gated channel, pressure-gated channel…).
    • (10:00AM) ISF lecture – first embryology class of the quarter. I actually enjoyed this. Most was basic review of fertilization but towards the end it started to get a little complicated with the implantation of the blastocyst…
    • (8:00AM) ISF lecture – went over epithelium and various types (single vs stratified).
    • (9:00AM) IMS lecture – lower limbs lecture continued (gluteal and hamstring muscles).
    • (10:00AM) Therapeutic Alliance – so happy this is only every other week! This is an intro class to theory and skills that help form therapeutic relationships. We were asked to perform a really awkward exercise – turn to the person sitting behind us and stare into their eyes while we being verbally guided. I don’t even stare into my boyfriend’s eyes for as long as I had to stare into my classmate’s eyes! We couldn’t help but laugh and break eye contact. Very intense.
    • (1:00PM) Integrated Case Studies 1 (ICS1) – went over a brief lecture on health determinants and Therapeutic Order. Then we separated into groups and discussed this weeks case study, which was about a girl starting at Bastyr who was having flu-like symptoms, among other things, because of stress.
    • (3:00PM) Gross Anatomy Lab – started dissection of the thigh…and not gonna lie I was a little grossed out. It’s one thing cutting into a dead cat but a human…just a little creepy. Our cadaver was not fully preserved with formaldehyde either so the right side of the leg resembled fresh meat (little bloody, vibrant in colors, greasy…). Besides the fact that it was a little weird cutting into a dead man, I thought that it was pretty neat to be able to observe the thigh muscles, artery, vein, and nerves up close and personal.
Besides all this craziness, the weather has been beautiful and I was able to lay out a few times this weekend so far! Oh, as soon as I got home from cadaver lab I jumped into the hot tub to detox. It was nice but would have been nicer if there weren’t so many kids in it with me (it’s the apartment community pool/hot). I think I’m finally getting the hang of med school (watch a curveball be thrown at me now and all of my balance/organization goes down the drain…knock on wood). Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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