Before You Apply To ND School…

So, if you ever decide to go to naturopathic medical school then great! However, applying to one of an accredited ND school requires more than just filling out an application. Pre-requisites vary slightly from school to school, but here are the pre-req requirements for Bastyr University:

  • College-level Algebra (1 course)
  • Chemistry (at least 4 courses; 2 must be sequential organic chemistry or 1 organic chem/1 biochemistry)
  • General Biology (2 semesters)
  • Physics (1 college-level course)
  • Psychology (1 course)
Every course has to be passed with at least a C letter grade. Also, a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university is a must! As an undergraduate I majored in Health and Wellness, so I had to take science and other pre-req courses outside of my major. I took:
  • General Bio I & II
  • General Chem I & II
  • Organic Chem I & II
  • Biochemistry I
  • Genetics (bio course)
  • Anatomy and Physiology I & II (bio courses)
  • General Physics I
  • General Pyschology
  • Math (statistics/pre-calculus/calculus)
Some pre-reqs I enjoyed, and others …not so much. Before anyone goes discrediting ND schools they should compare the curriculum to an allopathic medical school, along with the pre-requisites. Accredited naturopathic medical schools don’t just let anyone in! They look at your academic work, extracurricular activities, experience with naturopathic medicine, and certain characteristics or skills that you portray. These include being observant, having good communication skills, having good motor skills, being able to comprehend and problem solve, and having good behavioral/social skills.
For extracurricular activity, I was a volunteer research assistant at D’Youville College. I assisted a study that focused on behavioral modifications in children for weight loss. It was fun! I’ve never been to a naturopathic doctor for treatment, and I didn’t shadow an ND although I wish I did. I only interviewed a couple in Buffalo! They were both extremely nice and further motivated me to continue down this career path. 🙂

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