First year, First Quarter at Bastyr…

I did it! I made it through the first quarter of medical school in one piece… These past few weeks have been crazy, hence, why I’ve been MIA with the blog posts. So to sum up major events in the last month of the fall quarter…

  • Week 8: Second histology/embryology and biochemistry exam.
  • Week 10: Group presentation on the effects of Cyclosporine and the development of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma following a renal transplant for Fundamentals of Research and Design.
    • Also, THANKSGIVING BREAK! This was my first Thanksgiving alone and away from my family. It wasn’t too bad. I went to see the movie Creed with a couple classmates (which was so good! I highly recommend watching it).
  • Week 11: Fundamentals of Research and Design final exam. Final papers due for Naturopathic Theory and Practice, and Therapeutic Alliance. Histology lab practical. Physiology lab practical.
  • Week 12: FINALS WEEK – Clinical skills practical. Constitutional Assessment final quiz. Histology/embryology final exam. ISF biochemistry final exam. Anatomy lecture final exam. IMS biochemistry final exam. Gross anatomy final practical.

Honestly, the stress did not hit me until finals week but once it did…HOLY MOLY. I have never experienced anything as intense as naturopathic medical school in my life. Somehow I have been managing my stress levels so well compared to my undergrad days, and hopefully I can keep it up for the next 3.5 years. This quarter I learned a lot – spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I created relationships that I never thought would happen. I remember when they told us at orientation that this incoming class of 2019 would become a family. I was thinking, “yeah right! I don’t think so.” Turns out they were kind of right. I actually felt sad the last week of finals because I was going to miss everyone over break! Funny how things turn out.


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