Winter Quarter and the New Year

Let me start by saying Happy New Year! I know it’s been a while since my last post…but winter quarter started out with a bang and hasn’t really calmed down since the first day. This quarter is definitely a step up from last quarter, and the layout of the courses are a little different. It’s already Week 8 of 11…time is flying by, which is great but at the same time it’s overwhelming because there is still so much to study for and get done. I’m definitely feeling the pressure, and I’ve definitely had my days where I didn’t know if I could make it through that day, or the next day, or the next week, or even the rest of the quarter.

So here’s my schedule for winter quarter:

    • (8:00AM) Naturopathic Theory and Practice II
    • (9:00AM) Therapeutic Alliance II (every other week) – this quarter we are discussing cultural differences and cultural identity in a clinical setting.
    • (10:00AM) Integrated Cardiovascular and Immune Systems (ICIS) – the integrated sciences this quarter are split into three 4 week sections: Week 1-4 Cardiovascular system, Week 4-8 Respiratory system, and Week 8-11 Digestive system.
    • (3:00PM) Clinical Skills II
    • (9:00AM) ICIS
    • (11:00AM) Physical Medicine I (Hydrotherapy) – this is a pretty neat class – who knew that water was so healing! We learn about the history and various treatments of hydrotherapy, and in lab we practice these treatments on ourselves and/or classmates.
    • (1:00PM) Physiology lab
    • (10:00AM) ICIS
    • (1:00PM) Naturopathic Theory and Practice II Lab
    • (8:00AM) ICIS
    • (1:00PM) Physical Medicine I Lab
    • (1:00PM) Integrated Case Studies II
    • (3:00PM) Gross Anatomy 
I’ve already had two exams for ICIS (one on the cardiovascular system and one on the respiratory system), a gross anatomy midterm, two physiology paper midterms, several discussion posts and reflections online for therapeutic alliance and NTPII, and two papers for hydrotherapy. The studying and work never ends, and there is still so much more to accomplish within the next 3 weeks. But if the students before me could do it, then I can do it, too! No one ever said medical school would be easy, and while it’s stressful and overwhelming at times…I still love every minute of it!

2 thoughts on “Winter Quarter and the New Year

  1. Hi There!!
    I've been reading your blog and following your journey during med school. I'm preparing for an interview to Bastyr's ND program in WA and was wondering if you had any tips for the interview. What kind of questions did they ask and that sort of thing.

    My name is Brittney 🙂


  2. Hi Brittney! Thanks for checking out my blog (I know I haven't been posting a lot lately but I'm trying to get better at balancing school with everything else). I'd be happy to give you some tips! I'm not sure how it is at the Kenmore campus but at Bastyr California the interview was not as intimidating as I thought it was going to be. For my interview I wore a white pencil skirt with a nice blouse and pointed toe flats. I interviewed with 3 other people (but usually the interview group sizes are bigger from what I've seen lately) and in between interviews we sat in on classes. From what I can remember they asked basic questions at first like where I was from, why I chose Bastyr (particularly the Cali campus), and they had me elaborate on some things from my application and admissions essay. I was asked if I planned on practicing in California afterwards, and they also asked me an ethical question – are all natural remedies/medicines safe for patients? (I said it depends…some herbs/supplements should not be mixed with certain prescription drugs). From my own experience the interview wasn't bad. I know this is cliche but just be yourself. Don't worry…I was so nervous going in but as soon as I sat down and started talking I was fine. You will do great! Good luck 🙂


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