Spring "Break"

Winter quarter ended with a…slight bang I suppose? Let’s just say the Friday before spring break I wasn’t feeling so hot about my last final (which was gross anatomy…ugh). More so, the whole week of finals I was sick with the flu and probably a few other things that decided to pop up last minute. Cold chills, fever, sinus pressure, runny nose/stuffy nose, coughing with mucus and chest pain…yeah let’s just say it wasn’t the greatest time of my life. The good news is that I feel so much better now!

So after fall quarter I told myself I would stop procrastinating and stay on top of things in winter quarter. HA! That lasted a good 2 weeks. After the first big exam in winter quarter (cardiovascular physiology/biochemistry/anatomy/histology/embryology) I actually did pretty good with staying on top of my lectures, but the thing is that if you don’t go over notes one day then you feel like ‘oh I still have time.’ Before you know it the next exam occurs and you wonder where all the time went. Winter quarter flew by! To be honest, the whole time I felt like I was hanging by a very thin thread, and like I was barely keeping my head above the water. It’s fast paced which is great but there’s so much work that needs to be done on a daily basis that if you miss one day, then you’ve fallen into this little procrastination hole that gets bigger and bigger by the minute – and that hole is a pain in the butt to get out of.

My favorite way to study is through drawing 🙂

Thankfully, I passed all of my finals. Here’s a little breakdown of the finals I had:

  • Integrated Digestive Systems Exam (physiology/biochemistry/anatomy/embryology/histology).
  • Gross Anatomy practical – I left the cadaver lab feeling like such a failure because I thought for sure I failed. NOPE. I passed! I’m so happy because fall quarter I did terrible (seriously, I find it so difficult to distinguish between arteries/veins/nerves more than half the time).
  • Hydrotherapy practical – I had to perform 2 hydrotherapy treatments (constitutional and short wrap) with my “patient” in 20 minutes.
  • Clinical Skills practical – I had to perform a full body examination on my “patient.” This included taking blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, inspecting skin/trachea/nails/joints, auscultating (listening to) heart/arteries/chest/back/abdomen, percussing chest/back/abdomen, and palpating lymph nodes/chest/back/abdomen.
  • Naturopathic Theory and Practice creative project – I created a vision board. Aced it 😉
  •  Therapeutic Alliance final paper – the main topic of the paper was cultural roots. The entire course focused on multiculturalism winter quarter, so for the paper we had to pick two dimensions of our identity (e.g. race, gender, education, social class, etc…) that we haven’t written about in our online discussion posts yet. I chose to write about how my religion and social class have impacted my life and how it would impact my effectiveness as a clinician.

So now I’m on my last week of spring break (which is only two weeks long). I’ve still been studying (it never ends) because I have two remediation exams the Monday spring quarter starts. BUT, on the bright side I have been able to kind of catch up on sleep, beach/pool time, and the Walking Dead. 🙂


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