Spring Quarter ’16: “MIDTERMS”

studyThe quarter is already halfway over! Week 5 and 6 basically consisted of midterm/final exams. Since this quarter was split into Integrated Endocrine and Metabolism (Weeks 1-5) and Integrated Renal and Reproductive (Weeks 6-10), week 5 “midterm” exams were actually final exams for the endocrine system. Every other exam was a midterm. These past two weeks were just non-stop studying! On top of that, we had discussion posts, reflection papers, quizzes, and case study preview assignments due for other classes. Here’s a little breakdown of Week 5 and Week 6:

  • Integrated Nervous System – MIDTERM exam Wednesday morning. Items covered on the exam: meninges and arteries of the brain, dural sinuses, cranial nerves, neuron orders and locations/track information for – dorsal column medial lemniscus pathway, anterolateral pathways, vestibular pathways, afferent auditory pathways, and spinocerebellar pathways.
  • Integrated Endocrine and Metabolism – FINAL exam Thursday morning split into two – one for Endocrine biochemistry and another for Endocrine physiology/embryology/anatomy.
  • Fundamentals of Counseling – presented my mock counseling video to the class. For this assignment we had to pick a stranger basically and counsel them using techniques that we had learned and practiced in class. I was soo nervous to record myself! I chose my boyfriend’s soccer friend. He’s just an awesome person in general and it was fun counseling him.
  • Gross Anatomy Lab – MIDTERM exam Friday morning. The exam basically consisted of tagged structures from dry lab (e.g. bones and anatomical models) and cadaver lab (about half and half). Items covered for the midterm: skull structures, vertebral column, spinal cord, nerves/arteries/veins of head and face, dural and facial sinuses, cranial nerves and their associated foramens, muscles of head, face, neck, and back, nerves/arteries/muscles associated with eyes, and the anatomical structure of the ear.


One more month until my first year of medical school is completed. I can’t believe it! We already received our schedules for summer and fall. Technically, the summer after our first year is the only time that we do not have mandatory classes, but since I need financial aid I’m taking classes full time (6 credits at least). I signed up for one class called Whole Foods Production, which is worth 3.0 credits by itself, clinic observation II worth 2.0 credits, and a preceptorship worth 1.0 credit. It’s really not that bad, and I’ll still have time to travel (my boyfriend and I are going back to visit my family in New York and we are also going to South Korea!). This will also be my first summer in San Diego which I’m very excited for.


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