Spring Quarter ’16: Week 7 and 8

8d98870aa221de24517048a93af42baaThis past Sunday I went to a baby shower for a classmate and his fiancee. I don’t know if this is just a girl thing but I LOVE shopping for baby stuff. Everything is so tiny and cute! And since I’m an organic fanatic I get so excited when I say organic baby diapers, clothes, soaps, shampoos…you name it.

After the crazy couple weeks of midterms, the next two weeks to follow were a piece of cake. A calm before the storm. Finals are coming up soon (Week 11), and once that’s over I will have officially completed my first year of medical school! It’s crazy how time FLIES. It doesn’t help that I have deadlines to meet with papers/quizzes/discussion posts either. So, nothing really exciting happened during week 7 and 8. Just lectures and lots of studying (and a couple small quizzes).


I forgot to mention that week 6 I started clinic observation. As a first year naturopathic medical student, we are required to complete 20 hours of clinic observation (at least this is the case for Bastyr…not really sure elsewhere) – 4hr shifts once a week for 5 weeks. Bastyr University California clinic is basically run by 3rd and 4th year students with a supervisor. For observation, I just follow the upperclassmen around as they see patients and sit there quietly like a fly on the wall (well…sometimes quietly, other times I’m asked to participate in case reviews or whatever). I’m on a homeopathy shift this quarter. It’s very interesting and complex…in my opinion. We don’t learn about homeopathy until 2nd year, but the things I do know have been from reading about in a book (specifically Radical Healing by Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, MD) or information relayed to me by upperclassmen. The more I’m exposed to homeopathy and seeing how it works first hand, the more I like it.


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