Spring Quarter ’16: Week 9

FullSizeRender (4).jpgMy first year of medial school is coming to an end. Holy moly. Finals are coming up within the next couple of weeks, so this week was basically the start of review. Besides school and studying my boyfriend and I actually had some fun last weekend/this week. We saw Martin Garrix at Omnia Nightclub, and Aluna George at the Observatory in North Park. Both were great live! Especially Aluna. She sounded perfect and seemed to float across the stage effortlessly. It was nice to do something that took my mind off of studying and school for a few hours.

  • Reproductive system – this week we learned about the female reproductive system. It’s amazing how much lifestyle factors have an impact on fertility!
  • Gross lab – we dissected the reproductive organs. My group’s cadaver is a male – I was pretty intrigued by how many tiny superficial arteries/veins existed in the genitalia area. We also dissected the bladder. Our cadaver had so many health problems – from cardiovascular disease to end-stage renal disease – and as we opened up the bladder we found what appeared to be a polyp. Poor guy…just one thing after another.
  • Cadaver memorial service – Bastyr does this nice memorial service at the end of the first year for the cadavers that were used in gross lab. It was really nice. Some of my classmates became very emotional as they read aloud a poem or how this experience was for them. My contribution to the service were mini quiches (vegan + gluten free)! Honestly, I hated cadaver lab at the beginning of the year. I thought it was immoral, disgusting, messed-up, etc. As the weeks went by, I actually grew to enjoy it in a way (besides that horrible stench from the decaying bodies + formeldehyde). Whenever I would become really discouraged over cadaver lab, I would think to myself, “wow. Not many people have this opportunity in their life. This is a once in a lifetime chance to explore the human body from the inside-out.” Now while it was a cool experience I don’t think I would ever do it again for a whole year if given the chance!

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