Fall Quarter ’16: Week 4


The studying NEVER ENDS. Second year has been go, go, go ever since the first week. I’m not complaining though I actually love the fast pace, but it’s still pretty stressful. It’s going by so fast that my first midterm starts Week 5! I can’t believe it. I feel like the biggest thing that has helped me stay organized this quarter is my planner. Actually, ever since I’ve been in medical school I’ve used a planner. I always write out my assignments, quiz dates, exam dates, and TO DO list in it. The phone calendar isn’t very helpful for me…I feel like I’m more productive when I see what needs to be done for the day or what’s due that week in my own handwriting.

  • On Monday in Physical Exam Diagnosis I had to perform a HEENT (head/eyes/ear/neck/throat) exam on a classmate/patient. We were given an assessment sheet the week before to study from. We basically had to inspect and palpate the head, scalp, face, cervical lymph nodes, and neck.
  • In botanical medicine we made tinctures! I chose to make one with Linden flower.
  • For counseling lab I had to be the patient for the “doctor” in the fish bowl. Acting is not my thing (hence why I’m in medical school and not on TV, ha)…but I had to act as a depressed and sexually confused woman having a mid-life identity crisis…yeah, it was quite a challenge but I’m glad I will no longer be inside the fish bowl for the rest of the quarter!
  • BUC had a Clubs Q&A on Thursday that I attended. A couple classmates and I are interested in starting a vegan/plant-based club at our school, so we went to the Q&A to figure out what we needed to do to make this a reality.
  • Saturday morning I attended the Making Medicine Equal Conference at UCSD. Did you know that roughly 51% of deaths in America are caused by lifestyle choices? This includes diet and nutrition, exercise, smoking, alcohol use, etc. The sad thing is that ALL OF THESE DEATHS CAN BE PREVENTED by making healthier lifestyle choices! So crazy. Also, if you live in San Diego county you should definitely check out the Live Well San Diego website (http://www.livewellsd.org/content/livewell/home/data-results/top-10-live-well-indicators.html). They provide results for demographic, economic, behavioral, and health data collected in the SD community.


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