Fall Quarter ’16: Week 5 + Week 6 (MIDTERMS)

IMG_5929.jpgThese past two weeks have been CRAZY. We just finished midterms, which marked the half-way point for fall quarter, and I’m so mentally exhausted. However, I passed all of my midterms which I’m super stoked about! So all that hard work writing out my notes and lectures by hand really paid off. I tried so hard not to let procrastination get the best of me this quarter, but alas, it did a little (not as much as in spring quarter though…slowly getting better at not procrastinating). I’m looking forward to recuperating this weekend – getting back into my gym routine that became non-existent during midterms week, grocery shopping and re-stocking my fridge with a ton of fruits and veggies, getting ahead on lectures/reviewing past lectures, and most importantly, catching up on SLEEP.

WEEK 5 + 6 HIGHLIGHTS:img_5837
  • Made medicinal capsules and lozenges in Botanical Medicine Lab with licorice root!
  • Started a VEGAN/PLANT-BASED CLUB at Bastyr University California called BUC Plant Strong! A few classmates and I found a good amount of other students at BUC who are vegan/vegetarian and interested in joining our club. I was actually really surprised at how many vegans were at BUC. We plan on doing everything from Meatless Monday promotions (hand out recipes for out students to try) to informative talks about different topics/questions that are often brought up to vegans/vegetarians.
  • Performed an ears, nose, and throat physical exam in Physical Exam Diagnosis lab (PED 1).
  • Successfully drew blood 4 times over the past two weeks in Naturopathic Clinical Diagnostic Lab – 2 times with a butterfly needle and vacutainer, 1 time with a straight needle and vacutainer, 1 time with a syringe. I remember the first day I tried drawing blood on a real human arm (because we started out on proxy arms) I was literally shaking and my hands were so sweaty. But now, drawing blood becomes easier and easier with every needle I stick and tube I fill!
  • MIDTERMS: Besides the PED Physical Exam, I had an immunology exam, infectious diseases exam, pathology exam, pharmacology exam, (and gross lab midterm practical since I had to retake it). Immuno/infectious diseases were back to back in one day, and the pathology, pharmacology, and the gross practical were back to back on Friday (what a way to end the week, ha…).

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